Cancellation of bookings for tours or kayak rentals requires seven (7) days’ notice. Any cancellations made closer to the booked date will not be refunded. This is in accordance and consistent with airline, hotel and car rental policies.


If an emergency arises and you are forced to cancel within the aforementioned seven (7) day period, a voucher will be given in lieu of a refund. The voucher will be for the same value as your missed booking and will be valid for one (1) year inclusive from your original scheduled tour date. It is your responsibility to book a new tour date with us. That tour date will be subject to all the same conditions as to availability and this Cancellation policy.


Reservations for tours and kayak rental must be made using a credit card. All reservations are pre-charged. This has always been our policy and is necessary to reduce the likelihood, and mitigate the cost, of patrons failing to attend after having made a reservation. Implementing this requirement assists us in honoring our commitment to ensure customers will have a seat on one of our boats.


Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Failure to do so risks us having to: i) disappoint another person or persons who could have taken that place, and: ii) pay a captain who is no longer required.

This stipulation on arrival times allows our company sufficient time to fill vacant seats and ensure prices are kept as low as possible for all customers.


Manatee Swim Center does not cancel tours due to either rain or fog as neither will negatively affect your swim or any interactions.

The height of manatee season lies between November and March. Although the air temperature can fall below freezing during this period, this will not present any hindrance to swimming as: i) our waters are approximately 72 degrees throughout the year, and: ii) the wetsuits we provide are sufficiently insulated. Consequently, tours are not cancelled for fluctuations in ambient temperature.

We do cancel if lightning is forecast or in the event of sustained wind speeds in excess of 30 mph.


Our tours are conducted in a protected bay and with captains who are fully licensed and trained professionals.

At Manatee Swim Center we prioritize the safety of our customers above all else. When you enjoy our services you can rest assured we will take the utmost care of you and your family.